On 8-9 November 2019, the Finnish Institute at Athens is participating in the organization of the 26th multidisciplinary Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity, with the theme of

Immigration, Emigration and Exile: Encounters in Late Antiquity (ca. 150-700 CE)


The theme of forced and voluntary mobility in Late Antiquity will be approached from a wide perspective. However, the symposium seeks especially to trace the encounters between individuals and peoples, both in terms of everyday interaction and in terms of cultural discourses of inclusion, exclusion, coexistence and mutual recognition. The symposium will bring together scholars and postgraduate students with an interest in Late Antiquity from a variety of universities and disciplines (including, but not limited to classics, history, archaeology, legal history and Roman law, theology, religious studies, art history).


For the full programme, see https://docs.google.com/…/15Xma02bV299zQpTftZp2q3LtEQ…/edit…

The invited speakers are:
– Julia Hillner: Convicts, Patrons and Collateral Damage: Women and Exile in Late Antiquity
– Geoff Nathan: “Vastantur pauperes, viduae gemunt, orphani proculcantur”: The Refugee and the Displaced Community in Late Roman Gaul
– Arietta Papaconstantinou: The Languages of Emigrants: Power, Subversion, Resilience


Registration for the symposium is open here: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Immigration_Emigration_and_Exile . Accommodation will be available only for c. 15 people aside from the presenters, so please reserve your place soon!


The symposium will be organized at the zoological research station of the University of Helsinki at Lammi, in the middle of the Finnish agricultural landscape (https://www.helsinki.fi/en/research-stations/lammi). The symposium has a participation fee (20€ from post-graduate and ordinary students, 60€ from all others), which will include accommodation at the symposium venue (one night in a shared room) and meals for two days. Transportation from Helsinki to Lammi and the return journey by a coach will be offered.


The symposium is organized by the following research projects and institutions :

Law, Governance and Space: Questioning the Foundations of the Republican Tradition (European Research Council & University of Helsinki); Digital Grammar of Greek Documentary Papyri (European Research Council & University of Helsinki); Reason and Religious Recognition (The Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence, University of Helsinki); Finnish Institute at Athens; Trivium – Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies, Tampere University.

Organizing committee:
Raimo Hakola (University of Helsinki, Biblical Studies); Antti Lampinen (Finnish Institute at Athens, History), Kaius Tuori (University of Helsinki, Legal History and Roman law); Marja Vierros (University of Helsinki, Classics); Ville Vuolanto (Tampere University, History & Classics).