Professor Ada Dialla: ‘Russian Philhellenism: Inventing Greece, Reinventing Europe’

The Finnish Institute at Athens is very happy to welcome you to follow a fascinating lecture and round-table discussion on the topic of philhellenism at 6pm on 9 December 2021. This is a hybrid event open to the public via zoom. It is a part of Finnish Institute’s project Other Philhellenisms: Northeastern Perspectives on Slavic and Baltic Philhellenism, which will continue to the year 2022.

At the event Prof. Antonia (Ada) Dialla gives a lecture on the topic “Russian Philhellenism: Inventing Greece, Reinventing Europe” and a small panel of specialists in philhellenism and its aspects in the Slavic and Baltic as well as Nordic cultural spheres, in particular, will discuss the lecture, elaborating the themes of philhellenism which have received far less scholarly attention than its role in other parts of Europe and beyond.

Dr. Ada Dialla is Professor of European History at the Department of Theory and History of Art, School of Fine Arts (Athens). From 2004 until 2009 she was the director of the Historical Archives of the University of Athens. She has worked e.g. at the Russian Academy of Science (St Petersburg), the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), the Jordan Center for Advanced Studies in Russia of New York University. She is a founding member and chairman of the Athens-based Governing Board of the Research Center for the Humanities. Her main research interests are 19th and 20th century Russian and European history and politics, Russian-Greek trans-cultural relations, history of humanitarian interventions and Humanitarianism, and the history of Russian/Soviet historiography.

The members of the panel are Elizabeth Fowden, George Kalpadakis, Petra Pakkanen and Mogens Pelt.