Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell 25th June 1939 – 9th February 2024

Joni Hertell was the central figure in the so-called Support Delegation of the Finnish Institute at Athens, which provides financial sponsorship through private donations to support the Institute and its scholarly activities. Joni was a successful entrepreneur and humanist, a widely travelled person who loved fishing and sailing, and  – as a student of Latin already at school – especially the cultures of the ancient past. Joni directed his genuine interest and tireless enthusiasm to support the Finnish Institute through the delegation of benefactors he gathered together twenty years ago, and which ever since has made the Institute’s archaeological work possible. Joni’s dedication to support the Institute and his contribution towards it has been vital for the Finnish Institute and its archaeological profile. Our heartfelt gratitude, with fond memories, goes to Joni Hertell. Joni Hertell’s funeral takes place on the 16th of March 2024 in Helsinki.

Joni Hertell in Dion in September 2023.