The next steps of the open access publication project

Idleness is an unknown concept at the Finnish Institute – even during a lockdown! One major project of 2020 will be the digitizing and making available for Open Access of the whole series of PMFIA – Proceedings and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens. The series saw its first publication in 1994, and has since grown to 24 volumes, with the 25th instalment (‘Apologists and Athens’, edited by Gunnar af Hällström) slated for publication later this year. The topics of the series showcase aptly the variety of topics pursued at the institute over the years, ranging as they do from archaeology to Ottoman music, from reception studies to linguistics, and from philosophy to the dynamics of empires.

Currently, we are contacting the contributors of previous volumes in order to obtain their agreements for the open publication, as well as negotiating the details of the digitalization process with a local company.