Seminar: News on the bronze statues from Riace

On 9 November the Finnish Institute at Athens houses a seminar on the Riace Bronzes on its premises at Zitrou 16 at 6 p.m. Please register from the link below. Warm welcome!

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Program (also visible from the photo below):

18:00–18:20 Konstantinos Tziampasis: The well hidden secrets that come from the sea… A brief report on the bronze statues that come from the Mediterranean

18:20–18:40 Daniele Castrizio: The problem of the identification of the Riace Bronzes: A literary approach

18:40–19:00 Christos Piteros: Bronze statue from Argos

19:00–19:20 Antonio Corso: The Riace statues, the Valentini torso and the Stephanus Athlete in the context of nostalgia for the heroic age in the Severe Style

19:20–20:00 Discussion

program poster of the event with bronze head as a decorative element